Alcohol in our District

Reducing the Harm

The Waimakariri District Council is reviewing its Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) and Liquor Ban Bylaw and wants to hear what you think about the proposed changes.

About the Local Alcohol Policy...


The LAP encourages the responsible sale, supply and consumption of alcohol and focuses on reducing alcohol related harm.

The LAP can only deal with matters relating to licensing; the current LAP contains the following types of licensing policies:

  • Variations on the maximum trading hours set in the Act for on-licences and for off-licences;
  • One-way door conditions for premises holding on-licences;
  • Various discretionary conditions for on-licences, off-licences, club licences and special licences.

Proposed changes to the policy

Section 2.1 Definitions

“Child focussed events” are events where the focus of the event is on children and young persons (under the age of 18) and activities for them – including where the safety, welfare and wellbeing of those children and young persons are paramount.

Section 4.4 Special Licences

Section 4.4.5 Child-focused events

No licence will be issued for child-focussed events in order to support a safe physical and emotional environment for children and young people (under the age of 18 years).

This reinforces school health education messages about alcohol not being needed to have fun and reinforces parenting strategies to reduce adolescent alcohol use.

Such events include, but are not limited to the following: school sports days, gala/fair days, district/regional/national sports events.

Available Resources:

About the Draft Alcohol Control Bylaw...


To encourage a safe environment in our public spaces, the Bylaw bans alcohol in specified areas in the District. This is to assist with protecting the public from nuisance, promoting and maintaining public health and safety and minimising the potential for offensive behaviour in public places. It also gives Police a mandate to deal with alcohol related issues like antisocial behaviour, helping to keep our communities safe.

The options available to Council are:

  • (a)  Revoke the Liquor Ban Bylaw (no longer have liquor ban areas in the District);


  • (b)  Adopt the draft Alcohol Control Bylaw with changes. The changes proposed by Council prior to consultation are outlined below.

Proposed changes to the bylaw

The main areas of change between the current bylaw and the draft bylaw are summarised below:

  • Replace all use of the word “liquor” with the word “alcohol” to reflect the amended legislation, including replacing the definition of “liquor” with a definition of “alcohol”;
  • Amend date references to reflect that this is a new bylaw;
  • Amend definitions to bring them in line with the amended legislation;
  • Add Murphy Park to the table in section 2: 24/7 alcohol control from beginning of rugby/rugby league season each year. To be advertised two weeks prior to the beginning of the season and at the end of the season.
  • Add section 4.2 to include vehicles within public places, in light of changes to the wording of section 147 of the LGA;
  • Add section 3 to link the means of providing public notice of a resolution with the LGA definition of “public notice”, including any future amendments of this term, allowing for notice to be by electronic or other means in future should the legislative definition of this term allow for it;
  • Amend the wording of section 5 to reflect the new wording of section 147(4) of the LGA (the existing wording reflected former section 147(3) of the LGA which has been replaced by section 147(4)), and
  • Correct minor formatting and consistency errors.

Available Resources

Your Feedback

Tells us what you think by 5 pm, Monday 11 June 2018

Submission period for this consultation has closed.

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If you would like to talk to someone about the draft Local Alcohol Policy or the draft Alcohol Control Bylaw, or the consultation process, please contact: Lynley Beckingsale, Policy Analyst, 311-8900 ext 8645.

Anyone making a submission has the opportunity to be heard by the Council’s Hearing Panel at public hearings to be held on 11 July 2018, in Rangiora and should make that request in their submission.