The Rural Residential Development Strategy provides an opportunity to review the original Rural Residential Development Plan (RRDP) adopted by Council in 2010 and will direct which already established rural residential areas of the Waimakariri District should be extended for more rural residential growth.

A process of selection, evaluating the strengths and constraints of a number of locations, as well as expert advice, technical information and a recent survey of Residential 4 Zones and San Dona Olive Grove households, have resulted in a shortlist of potential locations for further development.

The growth areas, and associated growth directions within those areas, are currently only indicative.  There are no confirmed changes at this stage, and there is plenty of time for you to have your say before anything we have proposed is finalised.

A number of background documents and expert reports helped inform the draft Waimakariri Rural Residential Development Strategy, which can be found on the project webpage