About the Draft Annual Plan 2020 - 2021

In response to COVID19:

We are doing all we can to help residents through this difficult time.

Please contact us if you have concerns about this year’s remaining rates instalment.

As for next year’s rates, we’re looking closely at our budgets in the Draft Annual Plan 2020/21 to see if there are any changes we can make to defer projects or reduce spending to bring any increases to as low a level as possible.

You can have your say on this too and we’d welcome you to share your feedback, concerns and ideas. These will be considered by Council before setting rates for the coming year.

The consultation period for our Draft Annual Plan 2020-2021 was extended until 14 April.

I'm very pleased to welcome you to this Draft Annual Plan.

The Draft Annual Plan 2020/2021 tracks our progress as we go into the third year of Council’s Long Term Plan 2018 – 2028 (LTP ).

Waimakariri is a great place to work and live. We are a District moving from post-earthquake regeneration to one that is focusing on spending wisely on the infrastructure we need to accommodate our anticipated growth.

We will reach an expected population of 74,600 by 2028 and we need to make sure we’re ready.

Well managed growth is positive. It creates jobs, increases economic activity and can improve efficiency. However, it also increases the costs of providing water infrastructure, parks, public facilities and other services that allow the District to operate.

We have to balance this growth, making sure we continue to have a healthy environment. The topics in this Annual Plan focus on infrastructure and planning which aims to do both.

Consultation topics for the coming year
The topics we want your feedback on this year are infrastructure focused and are designed to ensure the District better prepares for growth and provides better facilities as well as a healthy environment for residents in the short term too.

Topics include:

  • Upgrades and treatment for the ‘Three waters’ – drinking water, waste water and storm water. We have been progressively investing in water infrastructure for the past decade but we’re moving into a period of uncertainty in terms of what future treatment will be required. We will let you know when we have clarity.
  • A proposal for a Kaiapoi Community Hub. The proposal seeks to establish a community hub in the Kaiapoi Regeneration Area which would home to three established community groups and encourage community connection.

We have also taken the opportunity within the consultation document to update you on changes to the Council's operating environment, provide updates on a number of significant projects that are currently underway including the Stadium Waimakariri build, sustainability and climate change, and park and ride facility progress as well as go into a bit of information about rates.

More info is available under each tab below.

Operating environment

There have been some changes at the central government level which will have an impact on councils in the coming years.

Some of these are significant and were something we weren’t able to predict when we consulted on the LTP.

Central government is in the process of setting up Taumata Arowai – the Water Services Regulator. This is a proposed new Crown agency overseeing water provision around the country. This regulator will oversee drinking water standards, and intend to broaden their scope to also include waste water and storm water networks.

There’s also a focus on surface water through proposed changes to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management. These proposed changes will impact councils by setting fresh water objectives and putting limits on resource consents to meet these.

On the ground this may mean changes in business practice for both rural and urban communities.
There is also the recent passing of the Zero Carbon Bill into law which aims to bring New Zealand to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. As a large organisation, in a position of leadership, it’s important the Council responds.

More details on how these proposed pieces of legislation and national policy statements impact the Council are covered under the Consultation Topics and in Further Information.

An update on work in progress

In the Further Information section of the document you’ll see an update on work undertaken to date and how this will progress over the coming year.

But at a high level the things we are pushing ahead with this coming year include:

  • Continuing to advocate central government to design and fund the Woodend Bypass
  • New car parking options are being explored for both Kaiapoi and Rangiora
  • We have two urban cycleway projects planned for Kaiapoi this coming year
  • Our corporate Sustainability Strategy
  • A proposal to develop a Climate Change Response Strategy
  • Changes in fresh water regulation and the proposed changes to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management
  • Natural hazard maps are being updated as part of the District Plan Review
  • An update on the build progress for Stadium Waimakariri
  • We’ll also be in touch to update the Community Outcomes in the coming months. Community Outcomes describe how the Council aims to meet the current and future needs of the community
  • Council’s finances have been given an endorsement by credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s. They announced Waimakariri District Council’s credit rating has improved ahead of expectations. On the ground this means more favourable rates when borrowing to pay for infrastructure which is good news for ratepayers.
  • Transport proposals. This includes projects such as Southbrook improvements, Rangiora/Woodend Road, Flaxton/Fernside intersection, and Park and Ride facilities

What's happening with rates?

We’re projecting the average rates increase, excluding kerbside collection services, to be 4%. This compares to 4.3% which we signalled in the LTP and 4.5% we signalled in the last Annual Plan.

Rates increases are something we get a lot of questions about so we have dedicated space at the front of this document to explain what rates cover, how they are made up and why this varies from property to property.

Want to discuss this plan with a Council member?

Given the developing situation with COVID-19 and in line with the social distancing guidelines, the Ohoka Farmers Market and Rangiora New World community pop-us have been cancelled. 

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Where can I pick up a copy of the Draft Annual Plan?

If you're unable to visit us during a pop-up or view the document online you can pick up a hard copy of the Annual Plan 2020 - 2021 by visiting one of Council's service centres.

Rangiora service centre
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