Business Activities in Rural & Residential Zones

This topic looks at how we manage commercial and industrial activities in residential and rural zones.

Key Issues:

  • In previous consultations we heard that we need to manage some activities in our residential and rural zones more carefully so that the amenity and function of those areas are protected – this includes the scale and nature of some business activities that aren’t compatible with a rural or residential environment
  • People said they need clarity about what activities can occur in a particular zone for people who live and work there
  • We also heard that people who are contemplating business in either of these zones need clearer guidance
  • Business activities located outside commercial and industrial zones can affect the viability of town-based business zones and can increase the need for vehicle trips, especially in the rural zone
  • Some businesses improve the function and vibrancy of rural and residential areas and need to be provided for, such as dairies and rural contractors.

What We’re Thinking:

  • Introduce more specific provisions detailing what business activities are permitted in rural and residential zones, what sort of activities need a resource consent, and identify those not expected to locate there
  • Provide for home occupations, i.e., running a business from home, within defined standards
  • Provide only for businesses (apart from home occupations) that have a rural basis and/or a strong need to be in a rural location
  • Define clear standards that set out matters such as the size, scale and location activities must meet if they are to be permitted.

Relevant Information: