Housing, Lot Size, Subdivision & Development

This topic looks at managing housing development on existing properties and the development of new residential areas.
It also looks at the size of new sites and what can be built on or occupy residential properties.

Key Issues:

  • The District’s population is expected to grow, leading to demand for new houses
  • The community will need different house and lot sizes to cater for different lifestyles and life stages
  • Residential development should be sustainable and energy efficient
  • Lot sizes enabled by the District Plan meet market and community needs appropriate to the District.

What We’re Thinking:

  • Reduce the number of residential zones to four:
    1.  A Medium Density Residential Zone near town centres for more compact houses and where more two or three storey houses could be built;
    2.  A Residential Zone containing a mixture of house and section sizes in new areas;
    3.  A Low Density Residential Zone for areas of suburban character with mainly standalone houses;
    4.  A Settlement Zone for rural and beach settlements.
  • Enable a range of house types and sizes, along with a variety of lot sizes including more compact housing and higher densities in some places. This could include ‘tiny homes’
  • Require design assessments for higher density housing developments
  • Ensure new developments provide good sunlight and outdoor living opportunities and allow ‘green technology’ such as solar power generation or rainwater collection
  • Protect the look and feel of residential zones by managing new structures and the design of new areas
  • Allow a secondary residential unit under the same roof as the main house
  • Continue to allow for minor residential units as long as other building standards are met
  • Make sure fence height and street frontages support public safety and a sense of community
  • Greater control of hard surfaces to better manage stormwater.

Relevant Information:

Business Activites in Rural and Residential Zones, pg 29 (What's the Plan?)