Option C: Four Service Choices


Environmental Benefit:

Reduces rubbish in our District by 14% - that’s 123 truckloads!

With the addition of the organic bin (mixed food and garden waste), this is the best solution to reduce rubbish from going to the landfill.

You can choose to keep using Council rubbish bags in this option as well, although your rubbish collection would change from weekly to fortnightly. That’s because this removes compostable kitchen (the ‘yuck’ factor) and green waste (the bulky stuff) from the rubbish.


  • Recycling collected fortnightly ($86 annual rate, no change to this service)
  • Rubbish collected fortnightly
  • Organics collected weekly


  • $321 for the standard bin options (based on estimated 17/18 disposal costs)



  • WDC bags at $3 each.


  • A rubbish bin size that suits your household: 140L (annual rate $125, this is the standard service), 80L (annual rate $95) or none annual rate ($0). A 240L bin will not be offered for rubbish.


  • An organics bin size that suits your household: 240L (annual rate $160), 140L (annual rate $110, this is the standard service), 80L (annual rate $80) or none (annual rate $0).

Did you know?

Rubbish bags have a 60L capacity. For example:

  • If you put out 1 bag every week, your annual rubbish costs are $156 (that’s $242 including the kerbside recycling rate). The Organics bin isn’t just for garden waste, it is for compostable food waste as well.
  • If you choose a rubbish or organics bin, or both bins, this improved level of service will come at an additional rating cost: a standard set of rubbish and organics bins (140L each) would cost an extra $235 per year (that’s $321 including the kerbside recycling rate).

This option reduces the amount of waste going to landfill by about 14%, reduces the ‘nuisance’ from cats & dogs ripping the bags and reduces the injury risk to the collector. It will have the most impact on private waste collectors’ businesses of the 3 options. Council will not provide a 240L rubbish bin because we want to encourage people to reduce waste.