Option A: Current Service - No Change


Environmental Benefit:

No reduction in waste

This option is what we currently provide, paid for by a fixed rate of $86 for the recycling bin collection service and $3 per rubbish bag used. This option doesn’t decrease the amount of compostable waste going to landfill in our District. People have alternatives for composting their food and garden waste.


  • Recycling collected fortnightly
  • Rubbish collected weekly
  • No Council organic/garden waste collection


  • $86 fixed rate for recycling bin plus $3 per rubbish bag (17/18 charges)

Did you know?

For those who prefer to remain with the current service, you can also choose to continue using rubbish bags with options B or C. Rubbish bags have a 60L capacity. For example:

  • If you put out 1 bag every week, your annual rubbish costs are $156 (that’s $242 including the kerbside recycling rate).

This option doesn’t reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, doesn’t reduce the ‘nuisance’ from cats & dogs ripping the bags or reduce the injury risk to the collector. It has the least impact private waste collectors’ businesses out of the three options.