Community Facilities, Parks & Reserves

Level 3

Halls and Meeting Venues

Status: Remain closed at Level 3.
More info: We will not be accepting any bookings for these spaces throughout Level 3. Users of community facilities will be contacted by staff.


Status: Remain closed during Level 3 (including barbecues)
More info: 

This is because of the slight risk of virus transfer from one of the many surfaces in playgrounds

Dog Parks, Skate Parks, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts and Sports Areas

Status: Remain closed during Level 3
More info:

Social distancing can be difficult in these spaces and there is a risk of breaking your bubble.

Parks, Reserves & Beaches

Status: Open (however any playgrounds and barbecues within the parks and reserves are closed).
More info: 

Access gates to our beach car parks will be open at Level 3 following government guidance that you can visit your local beach

You may exercise, go for a walk or enjoy nature but outside of your home, you must follow physical distancing rules and avoid any necessary risk.

ECan Regional Parks are open, however visitors must keep a two-metre distance from other people at all times.

There is no vehicle access (including trail bikes) to the Waimakariri River Regional Park areas, and toilet blocks are locked. Find out more about ECan's services here.

Take a look at the COVID-19 site for advice on self-isolation and keeping yourself safe.

Boat Ramps

More info:

Boating is not a permitted activity at Level 3

Hunting, Fishing, Hiking & Tramping

Status: Walking trails are open during Level 3.   
More info:

Following government guidance, the Department of Conservation and Fish & Game are asking people to stay on local trails on shorter tracks limited to 3 hours and physical distancing should be maintained. Hunting is only permitted on private land there will be no hunting on public land.

  • All huts, campsites and lodges remain closed
  • All toilets remain closed and visitors must take their litter home
  • All huts and campsite bookings are cancelled
  • You cannot self-isolate at a DOC hut, lodge or campsite.

Check the DOC website for more information.

Public Toilets

Status: Closed (apart from those used by essential workers)
More info:  While we ask the public to avoid using public toilets to minimise risk, some will stay open to ensure they are available to those out in the community providing essential services. There are additional cleaning measures in place.