Community Service Awards

The Council holds a Community Service Awards ceremony every year to recognise people who have made great contributions to our district.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone who has carried out significant voluntary service in the Waimakariri District in the areas of the arts, culture, education, health, recreation, sport, welfare or youth can be nominated by any two citizens of the district. Often these are people who prefer to not be in the spotlight, but who are champions in our community because of their years of work behind the scenes.

People who have received royal or national honours for their service or actions are also eligible to be considered for a Community Service Award.


Nominations must be received by the Council by 5pm, Friday 18 September.


This is an invitation only event. This year's Community Service Awards ceremony will be held on 10 November.

Previous Award Recipients

Take a look at the previous award recipients from 1992 - 2019.