Property Information Fees & Charges

Land Information Memorandum: 
Standard LIM - hard copy$242.00
Standard LIM - electronic$195.00
LIM commercial/industrial property (up to 4 hours processing) - hard copy$324.00
LIM commercial/industrial property (up to 4 hours processing) - electronic$288.00
Commercial LIM hourly rate in excess of 4 hours$63.00
Property files and services details: 
Searching property files: 
Current property owner-
Internet title search service$15.00
Property file information via electronic file share (any person)$10.20
Property file information on flash drive (any person)$30.00
Photocopying charges apply for any request for copies from files (including owner) 
Service plan enquiries: 
Searching property services plans, including copy of the plan, per enquiry$10.20
Building information: 
Written statement of building permits held on file (Building Information Form)$25.55
Building (inspectorate) - searching drawings and other documents after the completion of work$36.80