Conditions & monitoring of resource consent applications

This page highlights the conditions and monitoring of resource consent applications. 

Conditions of your resource consent

Once your resource consent has been granted, the consent will be subject to certain conditions. These conditions may impose limits or standards to which the activity must comply. Some of these conditions may require the consent holder to:

  • Undertake a condition(s) within a certain timeframe
  • Advise the Council when certain steps have been undertaken
  • Have an aspect of your activity signed off by the District Plan Manager (or similar) from the Council, prior to the activity proceeding.  

While it is the Council's responsibility to monitor resource consents, the consent holder is ultimately responsible to ensure that conditions are being complied with.

What happens if conditions are not met?

Various actions may be taken by the Council if the conditions of a resource consent are not being met or complied with. Depending on the circumstances, these can include issuing an:

  • Abatement notice (an official warning that the Resource Management Act is being breached)
  • Enforcement order (court-backed order demanding compliance)
  • Instant fine
  • Prosecution and a fine imposed by the courts (when breaches of the conditions are severe).

Monitoring of resource consents

Consents require different monitoring. Each resource consent calls for different skills and technical knowledge, as well as a different monitoring strategy.

The monitoring of resource consents may involve:

  • Inspections by the Council's Monitoring and Compliance Officers
  • Inspections and/or monitoring by consultants appointed by the Council.

A land use consent may require longer term monitoring, such as:

  • Commencement of activity
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Completion of condition (where applicable)
  • Review period.

Fees for monitoring

Fees for resource consent monitoring can be charged at an hourly rate. See the Resource management fees and charges page for the hourly chargeable rate.

Further information on conditions and monitoring

For further information relating to conditions and monitoring of resource consent applications, please visit Quality Planning - RMA Enforcement Manual.