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Here you will find fact sheets, application forms and check sheets for building projects.

Notification to all our Building Consent Customers - 10 May:

Application forms are in the process of being updated to reflect the requirements for forms under the Building Regulations 2004. Please make sure you download the latest version of our application form from this webpage when submitting any application.

There will be a 2 week transition period from the date each new application form is uploaded to the WDC website. Any application submitted after the 2 week timeframe which is not on the current application version will be rejected at the time of lodgement.

Once forms have been replaced, the table below will be updated to include start dates of the 2 week transition period.

Form NameDate Updated (2 Week Transition Begins)
Form 6 - Application for Code Compliance Certificate10 May
Application For a Waiver or Modification to a Specific Clause of the Building Code11 May
Alternative Solution Engagement Form14 May
Application for Amendment to Building Consent for Modification of Durability Periods to Clause B2.3.114 May
Form 2 - Application for a Building Consent for a Solid or Liquid Fuel Heater24 May
Form 2 - Application for a Building Consent for Installation of a Solar Water Heater24 May
Form 2 - Application for a Building Consent to Erect a Marquee24 May
Form 2 - Application for PIM and or Building Consent for Dwellings Outbuildings Swimming Pools and Other Works24 May
Form 2 - Application for PIM and or Building Consent for Commercial Communal Industrial Projects24 May
Form 8 - Application for Certificate of Acceptance24 May
Form 11 - Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule24 May
Form 15 - Application for Certificate for Public Use24 May
Accessible Facilities Report Template24 May
Demolition Information Sheet24 May
Issue of a Building Consent on Land Subject to a Natural Hazard24 May
Building Consent Cancellation Notification25 May

The main changes to the applications (as applicable to each application) include:

  • Reformatting of the forms sections and wording to be in-line with Building (forms) Regulations 2004
  • Change of how the application is authorised which is in-line with the Building (forms) Regulations 2004
  • Transfer of some WDC specific requirements to an Appendix section (as applicable)

Bookmarks: Please note that our current software does not enable us to maintain bookmarks within the consent documents during processing and granting.  (This may be reviewed once a software solution becomes available).

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