Applying for a Building Consent

You must have a building consent before you can commence building work. Some work does not require a building consent. Please read the MBIE Exemptions Guidance (pdf, 8.9 MB) for information relating to building projects that are exempt from consent.

In some cases a resource consent may also be required. For example, if the height of your proposed building exceeds rules in the District Plan. Talk to our Planning staff about this.

About Building Consents

Find out more information about building consents.

Application forms

All building consent application forms can be found on our Building application forms and fact sheets page.

Fees and Charges

All building and building consent fees and charges can be found on our Building services fees and charges page.

Register to submit an application electronically

If you are interested in receiving and submitting your Building Consents electronically, please register your interest by filling in the form below. Once we have received your registration, we will come back to you with more details on how to submit an application as soon as possible.

Please note: At this stage electronic building consent applications are intended for architects, builders and other regular users. Electronic applications must be made in the prescribed document format.

Bookmarks: Please note that our current software does not enable us to maintain bookmarks within the consent documents during processing and granting.  (This may be reviewed once a software solution becomes available).

Document format

All consents submitted electronically must be in PDF format. Please read the Electronic Building Consent Applications Guide - How to use Sharefile (pdf, 685.4 KB) for full information on submitting an application. (Please note: This information may be subject to change).

Register to submit building consents electronically

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