Latest Roading Update Including Closures

Published: 14-Aug-2017

While not as severe as July’s ‘Big Wet’, today’s deluge has made its mark on the District. Here’s the list of road closures and other updates.

  • Lees Valley Road is now closed. Snow is falling and settling at Gillespie’s Bridge.
  • Carleton Road is now closed from McJarrows Road to Thompsons Road (over the Cust River).
  • Snow is falling in the Oxford Area.
  • Watsons Reserve Road is closed from Rockford to McPhedrons Road.
  • Kennedys Hill, Pattersons Roads likely to be closed within the hour.
  • Summerhill area / North of Cust, water across most unsealed roads up to 300mm deep.
  • All fords on the Eyre River are closed.
  • All fords in North Ashley are closed.
  • Campions Road – there are three minor slips. Road still open. Has been signed to make safe.
  • The Cust River right up and threatening its banks.
  • There is widespread surface flooding across the whole network and our crews are placing signs and monitoring conditions.
  • Flooding in Cridland Street (Kaiapoi) area has dropped now tide has turned. Water has dropped back to kerb and channel now.
  • Water across many roads including Upper Sefton Road, Rangiora Woodend, Depot Road, Ashley Gorge Road and Oxford Road.
  • Minor scour Bush Road Oxford.
  • Pavements saturated, potholes developing quickly throughout network.

Conditions are very changeable at present so take care, especially when driving on the District’s roads.