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Road Closures and Notices


Roads may be temporarily closed for a variety of reasons. Planned road closures are normally publicly advertised well in advance to minimise disruption.

During the wet winter months many fords in the District are closed. These will be well signposted and alternative routes will be available.

Road Closures

The following fords are currently closed:

  • Burnt Hill Road
  • Island Road (View Hill)
  • McGraths Road
  • Raineys Road
  • Warren Road

The following roads are currently closed:

The Ashley Bridge at Cones Road, Rangiora, is closed from 7 pm, Thursday 17 April 2014 due to rising river levels. 

Fuller Street, Kaiapoi - The railway side of Fuller Street just west of Peraki Street will have the railway side footpath and part of the road closed from Monday 27 January to allow for site works on TC3 land. A temporary lane shift will be in place to allow two lanes of traffic to operate and there will be no parking on the south side.

Part of Raven Quay, Kaiapoi and Adjacent Car Park - Raven Quay from Williams Street to just east of the car park entrance will be closed from Tuesday 11 June 2013 to Sunday 30 November 2014 to allow the installation of a new sewer, water main, kerb and channel, and the building of the new Library/Service Centre/Museum. 

Island Road, Kaiapoi - To allow for stormwater, sewerage and water reticulation and Transpower developmental works to be carried out in Island Road, Kaiapoi, the following road closures will be necessary from Tuesday 18 February 2014. Full closure: Island Road from its intersection with Giles Road in the south, to its intersection with Adderley Terrace in the north, will be fully closed to all traffic until Friday 9 May 2014

One lane closure: Island Road from its intersection with Giles Road in the south, to its intersection with Adderley Terrace in the north,will be closed to northbound traffic only from Saturday 10 May 2014 until approximately 14 July 2014. Southbound traffic will still be able to use this route.

Read the media release about the closure extension (pdf, 57 kB)

Island Road Detour Route - A detour will operate via Giles Road, Silverstream Boulevard, Hayson Drive and Butchers Road. See detour map (pdf, 175 kB).

For Island Road residents between Cosgrove Road and Audley Street: The southern end of Island Road will be closed to all traffic – access to Island Road properties between there and Audley Street will be via Cosgrove Road, Sneyd Street and Audley Street. The Audley Street intersection with Island Road will be closed to all except residential traffic.

At the intersection of Island Road with Giles Road/Cosgrove Road: Lane markings for northbound traffic on Island Road will be temporarily changed to include a right-turn lane into Cosgrove Road.

At the intersection of Island Road with Butchers Road: A ‘give way’ sign will be installed on Island Road (northbound lane). Traffic continuing northwards on Island Road or turning left into Butchers Road will give way to through traffic entering the Butchers Road detour. Lanes will be marked accordingly.

Temporary 50 kmh speed limits will be imposed at various places in the area throughout the full closure and lane closure period . These will be signposted.

Right and Left Turns (signposted):

  • There will be no left turn from Adderley Terrace into Island Road
  • There will be no right turn from Cosgrove Road into Island Road
  • There will be no left turn from Giles Road into Island Road

The following roads are to be temporarily closed:

Anzac Day Road Closures, Friday 25 April 2014

Kaiapoi: Sewell Street from Smith Street to Davie Street, and Davie Street from Sewell Street to Charles Street will be closed between 9.30 am and 10 am.

Rangiora: Victoria Street from Queen Street to High Street, High Street from Percival Street to Albert Street, Ivory Street from Collins Street to High Street, Ashley Street from High Street to Burt Street, Alfred Street from Ivory Street to alleyway at Farmer Store will be closed from 10.30 am to 1 pm.

Christchurch Road Closures

To be kept up to date with road works and closures in Christchurch, visit the Transport for Christchurch website.

Roading Notices

Roadside Spraying

Residents of the Waimakariri District are advised that our vegetation control contractor (Sicon) is to commence roadside spraying in all areas in August 2013. The chemical used is a glyphosate base (Roundup). This operation will continue, intermittently when required and weather permitting, through to April 2014.

If any resident has any legitimate concern with this operation they should contact Brendon Ryder of Sicon on (03) 311 8080 in the first instance.

Bridge Closures

The Cones Road (Ashley River) Bridge needs to be closed during periods of flooding due to structural problems with the piles on the bridge. When this happens the closures will be notified through the radio stations and on our Bridge Status page, and detours will be well marked.

Signage will be placed on the motorway to advise drivers to use the State Highway 1 bridge over the Ashley River when the Cones Road Bridge is closed.

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