Mandeville Speed Limit Review

Changes in the Mandeville community have suggested that it’s time to take a look at the speed limits in and around the Mandeville area and talk to the community about what they think.

Why the need for review?

The Mandeville community has changed significantly, from a predominantly large block rural area, to an area of smaller block rural/residential areas. 

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when thinking about changing the existing speed limits:

  • Traffic volumes on Tram, Bradleys and McHugh’s Roads have increased.
  • The number and proximity of property accesses on existing roads has increased, and a number of new cul-de-sacs and residential streets are now accessible from main roads.
  • An increase in population will have a likely increase in the number of pedestrians and bike riders using the road network.
  • Current speed limits along the roads within the Mandeville area are inconsistent.
  • The site to the south west of the Tram Road/McHughs Road intersection has been zoned Business 4 and the expected development of this site is likely to result in further impacts of the road network in the area.
  • Community feedback suggests that the speed limits on some roads within the area are no longer appropriate for the road environment.

We want to keep our communities safe and ensure that speed limits in Mandeville are consistent and relevant.

The map below outlines the speed limits that are currently in place.

20170317 - Mandeville Speed Limit Review Map

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  • Should Wards Road, Dawsons Road and Bradleys Road over the lengths shown have lower speed limits, to be consistent with McHughs Road and Mandeville Road?
  • Should the cul-de-sacs and access roads have lower speed limits, to be consistent with Millfield Subdivision?
  • Should Tram Road over the length shown have a lower speed limit?

Provide feedback online here

Let's TalkMandeville Speed Limit Review 
Let's talk about the speed limits in and around the Mandeville area by 5pm Monday, 10 April 2017.
Provide Feedback Online

Find out more

Our staff will be available to talk through speed limits at a drop-in session:

Tuesday 28 March 2017         between 5 - 6.30pm    Mandeville Sports Ground

Thursday 30 March 2017        between 5 – 6.30pm   Tram Road near the corner of McHughs Road

Make sure your feedback reaches us by 5pm Monday 10 April 2017.