New Arterial Road - West Kaiapoi

A new arterial road is to be constructed in west Kaiapoi to cater for ongoing development of land around the western side of Kaiapoi and will provide a key link to West Rangiora and Southbrook.

About the Project

A new arterial road is to be constructed in west Kaiapoi to cater for ongoing development of land around the western side of Kaiapoi and will provide a key link to West Rangiora and Southbrook. The project is underway and a completion date is set for late February 2018. The completion date is dependent upon the two bridges being completed on time.

The road will extend from the Ohoka Road off-ramp and will curve around onto Butchers Road before joining back onto Island Road near Mill Road. The purpose of the road is to direct the through traffic away from the new residential area of Silverstream. The road will address safety issues at the intersection at Ohoka Road/Island Road and Cosgrove Road. Improvements will be made at intersections along the new arterial road. The new road will be two lane (one in each direction) and will involve the construction of two new bridges along the alignment.

In the future Island Road between Mill Road and Adderley Terrace will be closed to through traffic and the New Arterial Road will form the main link through to Kaiapoi. While Adderley Terrace will still provide an alternate route through to Kaiapoi, traffic will only be able to use this approaching from the south east, as Island Road will be closed between Adderley Terrace and Mill Road later this year. Once that happens, access to Adderley Terrace from the north will no longer be available. Refer to the map to view the future road layout.

A tender has been awarded to HEB Construction Ltd for the physical works. Work began on site in January 2017. Hours of work are 7.30 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. Some night work will be undertaken to help reduce the impact on road users. Residents will be notified in advance of night work being undertaken.

Traffic Impacts

  • Access to properties will be maintained during the work
  • If any access restrictions are required we will notify you in advance
  • Temporary traffic management will be in place during the work
  • Some aspects of the work may be undertaken as night work to reduce the impact to traffic. Advance notification will be provided.

Project Updates

Project Update as at 10 November 2017

The New Arterial Road project is progressing well with the bridges complete and the focus now turning to the intersections at Island Road and Mill Road.

Upcoming work

The next phase of work will include laying asphalt surfacing through the Island Road/Ohoka Road intersection. For this work to proceed quickly and safely, the Island Road/Ohoka Road intersection will be closed over the following nights:

  1. Monday 20 November from 9pm to 5am
  2. Tuesday 21 November from 7pm to 6am

If the weather is unsuitable then alternate dates for the work are Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 November.

Preparation work prior to the asphalt surfacing will be carried out on the first night and overlaying of the intersection on the second night.

While the work is underway a detour will be in place as follows (refer to map overleaf):

  1. Kaiapoi bound traffic will be detoured via Adderley Terrace
  2. Southbound traffic on Island Road will be detoured via Barnard Street, Silverstream Boulevard, Giles Road and Neeves Road
  3. Northbound traffic on Island Road will be detoured via Neeves Road, Giles Road, Silverstream Boulevard and Barnard Street
  4. Ohoka Road will be closed west of the off-ramp from the motorway. Silverstream traffic will need to use Otaki Street and Adderley Terrace
  5. Motorway traffic is asked to use Lineside Road if possible

Please follow the on-site signage and drive with care.

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