Young drivers

The New Zealand Transport Agency's 'Community at Risk Register' identifies young drivers in the Waimakariri as being at a high personal risk.

Between 2009 and 2013 there were 151 injury crashes involving young drivers in our district (this is 38% of all the injury crashes); this included eight deaths and 61 young people seriously injured.

Six of the eight deaths were people aged 15-24 and 43 of the 61 seriously injured were aged 15-24.

Alcohol was a factor in 17% of the young crashes, compared to 14% for all crashes in the district.

Poor observation, poor handling, poor judgement and failing to give way/stop were also common factors for young drivers.


NZTA have a website for parents of young drivers with some great tools for those with young people at the learner and restricted phases.

The riskiest period for young novice drivers is in the first six months of solo driving. Best practice recommends young people gain 120 hours of supervised driving under a variety of conditions and environments before starting solo driving. NZTA have developed an excellent practice website with lots of helpful videos and information for both young drivers and their coaches.

Alcohol limit for under 20 year olds 

There is a zero alcohol limit for under 20's. That means if you drive after consuming even one drink you can be charged with drink driving.

Teaching a teen to drive