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Club Licence for Alcohol Licensing

If you wish to sell alcohol as an incorporated chartered or sports club, you are required to apply for a club licence. All clubs must have a secretary, and any change must be notified to the District Licensing Committee within 10 working days. Proceeds from the sale of alcohol must belong to the club.

There must be a person with a current manager's certificate on duty at all times when liquor is being sold or supplied to the public.

General Guidelines

  • Refer to our Alcohol Licensing Fees and Charges page for the fee for a club licence
  • The fee must be paid at the time of application and is non-refundable
  • The processing time frame is 20 working days provided that all the relevant information is included with the application.

Before you apply for your club licence you will need to obtain:

  • Building and planning certificates of compliance
  • A scale plan showing those parts of the premises to be used for the sale or supply of alcohol, and those part of the premises (if any) that you designate as restricted or supervised areas
  • A map showing the location of the premises, as well as each entrance to the premises that you designate as a principal entrance
  • A photograph of the exterior of the premises (or an artist's impression of the exterior of the proposed premises as they will look when completed) 
  • A sample menu presently in use (or proposed to be used should the premises become licensed)
  • A Certificate of Incorporation if you have a company and a Host Responsibility Policy
  • If you are not the owner of the premises, a written statement from the owner to the effect that there is no objection to the grant of the licence.

Public Notices

You must give public notice of the application, in the prescribed form, within 20 working days after filing the application. Please place the notice in the public notice section of a local paper, for example The Press, Northern Outlook or North Canterbury News.

Copies of the published public notice(s) and dates must be forwarded to the Waimakariri District Licensing Committee as soon as possible.

Within 10 working days after filing this application with the District Licensing Committee, the applicant must ensure that notice of the application in form 1A is attached in a conspicuous place on or adjacent to the site to which the application relates (unless the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee) agrees that it is impracticable or unreasonable to do so).

Apply for a Club Licence

  • Complete the club licence application form
  • Send two copies of your application, including all the required information and the fee to:

    The Secretary
    Waimakariri District Licensing Committee
    Waimakariri District Council
    Private Bag 1005
    Rangiora 7440

Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of Compliance are required to be lodged with your alcohol licence application. The certificates confirm that your premises and the use of your premises does not conflict with the Waimakariri District Plan and the Building Act 2004. Failure to supply these certificates will cause processing delays.

Applications should include all necessary information, particularly existing resource consents and planning certificates (if any), planned usage of floor areas for all buildings on site, proposed or existing opening hours and maximum number of occupants. Scaled site plans must also be provided. The site plans must also demonstrate the car parking provided for each activity on site.

Building Code Certificate

A Building Code Certificate is required to ensure that the premises complies with the Building Code.

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