Rowing Base at Murphy Park

Tell us what you think about the proposed rowing base


After the earthquakes, the St Margarets Rowing Club and the Union Rowing Club set up temporary training facilities at Murphy Park in Kaiapoi. Currently the clubs have storage sheds at the southern end of the park and launch at a ‘beach’ area near the Kaiapoi Croquet Club. 

There are issues with the current set up. There is not enough room to easily to turn and back a car and trailer, and the beach launching area is difficult to use and can cause damage to boats. The storage sheds are also affected by flooding.

Both clubs have confirmed that they wish to continue to use the Kaiapoi River for training and would like to have a more permanent base to launch and store their boats.

Rowing Base, Kaiapoi

Draft concept plan for the proposed rowing base at Murphy Park

Proposed rowing base 

It is proposed to create a permanent rowing base upstream, on land previously used by the bowling club.

The rowing base could contain the following facilities:

  • Storage sheds for the St Margarets Rowing Club and Union Rowing Club.
  • A floating pontoon for launching rowing boats.  This would be open for public use.
  • A central gravel area for cars to turn, and for boat rigging and wash down activities.
  • A new fixed boat ramp.  This would also be open for public use.
  • A small car parking area.
  • Space for future sheds (if necessary).

Access to the proposed rowing base would be from Revell Street.

The proposed rowing base does not affect the use of Murphy Park by the Northern Bulldogs Rugby League Club and the Kaiapoi Croquet Club.  These groups can continue to use Murphy Park as they do now.  The proposed rowing base also does not affect the informal walking track along the river bank, and this track will remain open.

Proposed Rowing Base at Murphy Park - public consultation flyer

What do I need to do?

Council is keen to hear your feedback on the concept design for the proposed rowing base. 

Please make sure your comments reach us by 5pm, Friday 4 May 2018.