Kaiapoi East Reserve Road Access Options

Update August – September 2017

The Regeneration Steering Group met on Monday 7 August 2017 and considered the staff report and the community feedback. In seeking to incorporate the best elements of both options expressed through the community feedback; adequate dog park space, safe road design and a safe car parking environment, the Regeneration Steering Group recommended the adoption of a modified Option 2 as the preferred roading option for accessing Kaiapoi East sport and recreation reserve.

The modification of Option 2 will include an area for the dog park, which is no smaller than Option 1 (being at least 2.1 hectares to allow for separate areas for small and large dogs). This could potentially require using an area of the Corcoran Reserve for the BMX facility.

This recommendation will be presented for approval to the Waimakariri District Council meeting on 5 September 2017. As this will require a minor boundary adjustment, Council’s decision will be subject to final Crown approval.

The agenda, staff report and minutes of the Regeneration Steering Group meeting held on Monday 7 August 2017, which relates to this recommendation, is available to read here.


The sport and recreation reserve in the Kaiapoi East regeneration area is a key part of the Recovery Plan. The reserve is planned to include playing fields, sports facilities, a dog park, community BMX track, walking and cycling tracks and open space. 

Council are working on the design for the new sport and recreation reserve and are looking at two options for road access and car parking. In one option, Cass Street remains open, as shown in the Recovery Plan for Kaiapoi East. In an alternative option, Cass Street is closed and Jollie Street reinstated. Both options would cost about the same to build. We sought feedback on the two options from 5 July to 2 August 2017.

Option 1

Cass Street remains open and provides access to the sport and recreation reserve, the rural area and private property.  Playing fields and softball diamonds are proposed north of Cass Street. A dog park and community BMX track are proposed south of Cass Street. The dog park and BMX track will be combined with a wetland area for stormwater management.

Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area - Reserve Road Access Option 1 map Click on image to enlarge

Option 2

  • Cass Street is closed to vehicles, ending at a car park which provides access to the sport and recreation reserve. Jollie Street is reinstated and provides access to the rural area, private property and also the reserve, via Charles Street. The reinstatement of Jollie Street also sees the Memorial Gardens move slightly eastwards.

Kaiapoi East Regeneration Area - Reserve Road Access Option 2 map

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Sport Clubs

Both options include space for playing fields and softball diamonds.  Rugby league are interested in moving to the reserve in the future as there is no space at Murphy Park for more fields.  Kaiapoi softball has also grown and are keen to have a home ground.  There is space in the rural area for more sport and recreation reserve in the future if needed (e.g. for different sports or more fields).

Car Parking

Both options include a car park (with about 300 spaces) in the reserve.  This would be accessed from Cass Street.  This is the main car park for reserve users.  In both options there is also on-street, overflow parking on Charles Street and the proposed new link between Feldwick Drive and Cass Street. 

In Option 1, on-street parking is also proposed through the centre of the reserve along Cass Street.  In this option Cass Street would be narrowed and have a park like setting with trees, parking bays and crossing points.  

In Option 2, on-street parking is proposed at the edge of the reserve along Jollie Street. Jollie Street could also be narrowed with trees and parking bays.

In total, Option 1 provides about 508 parking spaces on the reserve and on adjacent streets.  Option 2 provides about 528 spaces on the reserve and on adjacent streets.

Access to Askeaton Boat Ramp

Access to Askeaton boat ramp will be retained.  In Option 1, access will be via Cass Street and Hall Street until the new Charles Street extension is built.  In Option 2, access will be via Charles Street and Jollie Street to Cass Street and Hall Street until the new extension is built.

Dog Park

Both Options 1 and 2 include a dog park.  In Option 1 the area for the dog park is about 2.1 hectares (about two rugby fields).  This could include a big dog and small dog area, and space for agility equipment.  In Option 2 the area for the dog park is about 1.6 hectares.  This could include a single fenced area with space for some agility equipment.

Community Feedback

We asked for community feedback on the options from 5 July to 2 August 2017. You can read the feedback here.

Further Consultation

We will be seeking further feedback on the design of the reserve areas later.