Infrastructure recovery

The Council’s Earthquake Recovery Infrastructure Programme for Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki is reflected in the works project plans and update reports.

The programme is Council’s current best estimate of the scope, likely order and timing of works.

Works project plans

The plans show where construction activity relating to roads, water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure is scheduled. Work ranges from minor road patching to complete infrastructure renewals and full road surfacing.

Not all works in and on the periphery of the Residential Red Zone in Kaiapoi have been shown on these plans, as the nature and extent of work is dependent on the long-term land use within this zone, which is still unknown. Other uncertainties associated with this work include:

  • Availability of resources for design and construction
  • Residential red zone clearance period
  • Potential, unforeseen clashes between infrastructure projects and other earthquake related work such as Residential Red Zone clearances
  • Further potential damage due to aftershocks.

These plans will be subject to change as Council will be regularly reviewing the scope of works and programme as required.

Update reports

Red zone infrastructure

There are current, ongoing and future service needs within the red zone. The Council’s infrastructure rebuild programme also involves infrastructure works in the red zone to permanently rebuild damaged infrastructure to service adjoining ‘Green Zone’ properties/areas. It is also possible that new infrastructure in new locations will best serve the needs of adjoining residents. This could include new roading alignment(s) to provide more direct routes and to ensure more than one permanent in/out route to some locations.

The Council has undertaken necessary investigations and prepared cost estimates to determine preferred works in most instances, but cannot progress all required works until future Red Zone decisions are made. The report below sets out the Council’s current proposals on red zone infrastructure as at June 2014. Until future red zone use decisions are made by the Government these cannot be confirmed. They are subject to change as result of the infrastructure requirements of any new uses on Crown owned red zone land.

Red zone future use

The Government, through the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) and the Council, are collaborating on engaging with the community and developing plans regarding future use of Red Zone land in Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki.

An initial community engagement process was undertaken by CERA as the lead agency supported by the Council in 2014 known as 'Canvas'. Go to the CERA website for the results of that process.

Also The Pines and Kairaki Beaches Association have themselves developed proposals in relation to red zone areas among these communities. These proposals can be read in Future use of former Red Zone land at Pines and Kairaki Beaches report (pdf, 93.0 KB).

The Council has been considering how future use of red zone land near to the Kaiapoi Town Centre could assist its recovery and long term development. One way is to assist meet the centre’s off-street parking needs. Read the Kaiapoi Town Centre Parking Business Case report (pdf, 373.6 KB).

Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan

The process of creating a Draft Recovery Plan for the recovery of Waimakariri residential red zone land has now begun and will continue through until June 2016. Have your say and keep up-to-date on this process on the Red Zone Plan website.