District Plan review

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) the Council is required to review its District Plan at least once every 10 years. 

When is the next District Plan review?

The current Waimakariri District Plan was made operative on 28 November 2005.  

To date, the Council has confirmed that it will be undertaking a rolling review, i.e. a review in parts over a period of time. Any changes considered necessary to the Plan as a result of the review are required to be processed according to the requirements of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991, which sets out the relevant timeframes, public submission rights and decision making processes.

District Plan review updates

Scoping, preparation and public notification are currently underway for the following:

  • Natural hazard management
  • Oxford urban design
  • Retail provisions
  • Resource management framework
  • Residential 1 and 2 zones
  • Residential 4A and 4B zones

The status of these reviews can be found on our Council plan changes page, or where preliminary comment is sought, on our Let's talk page.

Please direct any questions to the Development Planning Manager or Senior Planner Policy on 03 311 8900, or email the Duty Planner.