Code compliance certificates

Code compliance certificates are issued under section 91 of the Building Act 2004.

Code compliance certificates are only issued when all the building work is complete. It confirms that the Council is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the work complies with the building consent.

Your application for a code compliance certificate

To apply for a code compliance certificate you must send in your completed code compliance certificate application. You can then book in your final inspection at a mutually agreed date with the Council.

Process involved in issuing a code compliance certificate

  1. After your final inspection has been passed, your file is sent to the Council's Code Compliance Auditor
  2. Your file, including all of the inspections, related documentation and on-site photographs, are checked for completeness and compliance with the consent
  3. At this stage you may be advised by our auditor to supply extra information or carry out additional works if outstanding items are found
  4. Issuing a code compliance certificate cannot be considered until all outstanding items are resolved
  5. A code compliance certificate is issued within 20 working days of the resolution of all outstanding items and is sent out to the contact person
  6. Your code compliance certificate will be placed on your Council file for inclusion in the likes of a future LIM.