Solid Waste Bylaw review

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Solid Waste and Waste Handling Licensing Bylaw review 2016

The Council is reviewing the Solid Waste Bylaw 2010 to better deliver effective and efficient waste management in the district. 

The Council is amending the 2010 bylaw because, having completed a review of the bylaw as required by the Local Government Act 2002, there are improvements that can be made, including removing clauses that are no longer needed.

The Council’s aim with the amended bylaw is to control waste management activities within the district to:

  • Prevent nuisance from the Council’s kerbside waste and recycling collection services, and private waste collection operators
  • Regulate the use of Council’s transfer stations, recovery facilities and waste collection points
  • Include provisions to regulate and monitor waste handling facilities within the district, through licensing these operators
  • Requiring as a condition of licensing that waste data be provided to the Council from private operators.

Proposed amendments

The proposed amendments seek to prevent the contamination of recoverable materials so they can be accepted for recycling, and ensure that waste is collected safely and efficiently without causing concern.

The key proposed amendments include:

  • Strengthening the rules around looking after recycling wheelie bins
  • Three strikes and you’re out! New provisions to deal with persistent non-compliance with respect to banned materials going into wheelie bins
  • Licensing of waste handling facilities
  • Simplification and removal of unnecessary requirements in the bylaw
  • Renaming the existing bylaw to Waimakariri District Council Solid Waste and Waste Handling Licensing Bylaw 2016

The bylaw has been structured to simplify it and reduce unnecessary administration, and has been renamed from the Solid Waste Bylaw 2010 to the Waimakariri District Council Solid Waste and Waste Handling Licensing Bylaw 2016. This is to better reflect the updated content of the bylaw.

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Feedback was open from Thursday 7 July  to Monday 8 August 2016.