Proposed extension to drainage rating areas

As part of the Draft Annual Plan 2016/2017, the Council proposed extending the Ohoka Rural and Kaiapoi Urban drainage targeted rating areas and sought feedback about the proposed changes in these areas.

Ongoing maintenance of key drains in these areas will need to be carried out to ensure they operate to their full potential. While construction of recent flood works in the Mandeville area has been funded from the district-wide general rate, the Council is proposing that the maintenance of these drains is paid for by those properties in the area that generally benefit from the works.


The Council considered two options:

  1. Extend the rating area so maintenance of these drains is undertaken by Council on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance in future storm events; or
  2. Not to extend the rating area, leaving the drains in their current state which may not function as intended in future storm events.

Council is proposing to extend both the Ohoka Rural Drainage Targeted Rating Area and the Kaiapoi Urban Drainage Targeted Rating Area. This would mean that ratepayers in these areas would pay the Ohoka Rural Drainage Targeted Rate (pdf, 819.8 KB) or the Kaiapoi Urban Drainage Targeted Rate (pdf, 674.7 KB), based on a property's land value. This rate would be used to pay for maintenance of the stormwater systems and designated key drains within each area. 

Interactive map of the Ohoka and Kaiapoi drainage areas

What do I get?

Ohoka Rural

  • Improved drains and stormwater systems
  • Effective drainage from regular maintenance

Kaiapoi Urban

  • Effective drainage from regular maintenance
  • Larger culverts
  • Major upgrade of the Parnham Drain catchment (scheduled for 2018)

Expected consequences

The consequences of extending this drainage targeted rating area are that the costs of maintaining flood works will be more evenly distributed between property owners who benefit from the improved flood protection. If this extended targeted rating area does not proceed, the maintenance work would not be undertaken or the costs of maintaining flood protection works will be borne by properties in the existing drainage rating area and from the district-wide ratepayers (most of whom are not direct beneficiaries of the maintenance). 


Submissions on the Draft Annual Plan were open from 12 March to 12 April 2016.

Want to know more?

Read our question and answer sheets for Ohoka (pdf, 1.0 MB) or Kaiapoi (pdf, 1.0 MB).