Fernside & Mandeville water supplies

The Council is proposing to upgrade the Fernside Water Supply to meet the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards and provide a back-up source for the scheme. Tap-Water


The Fernside community currently sources its water from a non-secure shallow well on Swannanoa Road. Treatment, including chlorination, is provided at the Fernside Headwaters before water is distributed to customers.

The Fernside source and treatment does not meet the requirements of the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand. Additionally, the existing headworks has limited storage capacity and no back-up water supply is reliable and safe to drink.

The Mandeville community sources its water from two wells at Two Chain Road with an emergency back-up well at Tram Road. The water is treated with chlorine at the Two Chain Road Headwaters. An ultra-violet (UV) disinfection system is to be added to the treatment process in the near future. Once this upgrade is complete the Mandeville supply will be safe and comply with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.

Consideration of funding options

Our investigation indicates that the optimum way to meet the standards and allow for future population growth is to join Fernside with the Mandeville Water Supply.

Our investigation indicates that the optimum way to meet the standards and allow for future population growth is to join Fernside with the Mandeville Water Supply.

Council is considering funding options and would like your feedback as it will affect your water rates. This information will be help you in completing and returning the feedback form or fill in the online form below.

Identifying preferred upgrade option

Joining Fernside to Mandeville has been assessed as the optimum long-term upgrading option in terms of both cost and risk. This was identified in the Annual Plan 2016-17, and endorsed by the Council's Utilities and Roading Committee at their August 2016 meeting.

Utilities & Roading Committee report (pdf, 1.7 MB)

Upgrading options

Various upgrade options have been assessed for upgrading the Fernside Water Supply. These include:

  • Joining Fernside to Mandeville
  • Joining Fernside to Rangiora
  • Drilling a new deep well in Fernside to find a secure groundwater source
  • Additional treatment of the existing Fernside well and drilling of a new back-up well

Maintaining the status quo for the Fernside water supply is not an option due to the compliance requirements of the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand.


The Mandeville scheme currently has enough capacity to accommodate Fernside, meaning that the schemes can be joined by installing a water main from the corner of Lilly Road to the Fernside Headworks (length 1.8 kn, estimates capital cost $395,000 excl.GST). As shown on the map (pdf, 495.2 KB)

  • The existing Mandeville well and headworks would be used as the primary source for both Fernside and Mandeville
  • The existing Fernside well would be retained as an emergency back-up supply for both schemes in case of a failure or the Mandeville Headworks


Fernside: The Fernside Water Supply will be compliant with the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards

Both Fernside and Mandeville: The resilience of both communities to natural disasters or other unexpected events (i.e. power failures) will be increased by retaining the existing Fernside headworks as a back-up water source and as additional emergency storage. 

Funding options

Recognising that Fernside is the primary beneficiary of joining the two supplies, three finding options to join the schemes have been identified for consideration.

  1. Schemes remain financially separate - Fernside would pay all the capital cost associated with the upgrade (estimated $395,000) in addition to paying all if it's own operational costs. This process would be administratively more complex to split costs between schemes, so the overall costs with this option would be marginally higher.
  2. Schemes join in financially but Fernside covers capital cost of connection - Fernside would pay all capital costs associated with the connection (estimated $395,000) in addition to paying the Mandeville water rates. Once the capital cost is paid off (in 25 years) Fernside would then only pay the Mandeville water rate. The operational costs would be shared between Fernside and Mandeville residents. By joining the schemes financially there are overall savings due to operational and administrative efficiency compared to Option1.
  3. All costs shared between schemes - under this option all capital costs associated with the connection (estimated $395,000) and all ongoing operating costs would be shared between the Fernside and Mandeville schemes. As with Option 2, by joining the schemes financially there are overall savings due to operational and administrative efficiencies compared to Option 1.

Rates Impact

Funding Options
Status Quo
Funding Option 1*
Funding Option 2*
Funding Option 3*
Fernside Water Rate per 2 units
$ 717
$ 1,072
$ 823
$ 559
Mandeville Water Rate per 2 units
$ 403
$ 403
$ 424
$  559

No increase to Mandeville water rate as result of schemes joining.

Only marginal rate increase to both Fernside and Mandeville schemes as a result of schemes joining.

Administrative costs minimised due to efficiencies of joining schemes financially.

Rate reduction to Fernside as a result of schemes joining.

Administration costs minimised due to efficiences of financially.joining schemes financially.


Non - compliant water supply with continued risk of contamination.

No back up supply.

High increase to Fernside water rate.

Higher administrative costs due to complexity of separate schemes financially.

Benefit of emergency back-up supply to Mandeville not reflected in rates.

Marginally higher water rate to Mandeville relative to Option 1.
Significant rate increase to Mandeville scheme relative to both Option 1 and Option 2.
  *5 year average water rates given for all funding options analysis.

Where to next?

We'll be holding drop in sessions to discuss issues and options from 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

  • Mandeville Sports Ground - Wednesday 7 September 2016
  • Fernside Memorial Hall - Thursday 8 September 2016

Complete  and return the attached form and drop in to any Council Service Centre (Oxford, Rangiora or Kaiapoi), freepost it back or email  to records@wmk.govt.nz by 17 September 2016.

After consideration of your feedback, staff will present your feedback with a recommendation to Council. the recommendation could include the opportunity for further consultation if required.

The Council's decision will take into account the views expressed by you, the Oxford Eyre Ward Advisory Board and the Rangiora Community Board.

Feedback on proposed options

To give us feedback on the proposed connection of water supplies funding options please fill in the form below. We need all your feedback in by the 17 September 2016.

Feedback form

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