Woodend & Pegasus water supplies

The Council is considering joining the Woodend (including Tuahiwi) and Pegasus water supplies. 

This would entail joining the supplies together physically and financially and discontinuing chlorination of the Pegasus water supply. 

Council Decision and Community Feedback

The Council has recently consulted the Woodend, Tuahiwi and Pegasus communities on a proposal to join together the Woodend and Pegasus water supplies. Following consideration of the public feedback on the proposal the Council resolved, during its meeting on 4 October 2016, to join the Pegasus and Woodend water supplies together, physically and financially.

For details of this decision and supporting documentation and summary of the consultation undertaken.


This proposal involved:

  • Joining the Woodend (including Tuahiwi) and Pegasus water supply schemes, physically and financially
  • Treating all Woodend and Tuahiwi water at the Pegasus water treatment plant
  • Ceasing chlorination of the Pegasus water supply
  • Joining Woodend, Tuahiwi and Pegasus reticulation with a new pipe along Main North Road and Pegasus Boulevard
  • Potentially connecting the Bramleys Road new source well directly into the network in the future.


The Woodend, Tuahiwi and Pegasus communities all source their water from the same location near Gladstone Park. The water is treated using different methods to remove manganese.

The Woodend and Tuahiwi water is treated using a biological filter. Chlorine is not required as part of the biological treatment. While the treatment process works well, some manganese build-up still occurs in the reticulation system, and occasionally this leads to some discolouration of the water.

The Pegasus water is treated using chlorine and a filter to remove manganese. While the treatment process works well at removing manganese, the chlorine can have a strong taste at times, and occasionally this leads to variations in taste and odour from the supply. 

Why join the schemes?

  • To improve the treatment that is provided to Woodend and Tuahiwi and remove the chlorine from the Pegasus treatment process
  • To increase the resilience of the three communities to natural disasters by providing combined backup water sources, emergency storage and headwork sites
  • To share long term cost (renewals, treatment upgrades, resilience, maintenance) across a wider ratepayer base
  • To reduce the long term costs of supplying water to all three communities. 

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More information

For more information contact Alicia Klos, phone 03 311 8900 ext. 8851, email alicia.klos@wmk.govt.nz.