Tram Road Speed Limit Review

The Mandeville area is continuing to change. Residential development has resulted in significant increases in vehicle numbers turning onto and off Tram Road at the intersection with Bradleys and McHughs Roads.

A number of crashes and near misses have been recorded at this intersection. The Mandeville Village commercial development is nearing completion, and will include an access onto Tram Road. A road safety audit carried out on the Mandeville Village access supported measures to reduce vehicle speeds on this section of Tram Road.

Council is now proposing to put in place an 80km/h speed limit on Tram Road from 500m east of Bradleys Road to 300m west of Bradleys Road.


We want to know what you think about the proposed change.

Should the Council should reduce the speed limit on Tram Road, near the Bradleys Road/McHughs Road intersection from 100km/h to 80km/h?

Tram Road Speed Limit Review

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