Let’s Talk Dudley Park Shelter Belt Removal


Council staff have been monitoring the western shelter belt along the White Street frontage of Dudley Park. It has become apparent that it is in decline and showing signs of poor health. While it has not yet reached a critical stage it will continue to decline in the coming years.

The shelterbelt, located directly adjacent to White Street, is approximately 200 metres long and consists of Blue Arizonica Cypress.

The shelterbelt has been inspected by a qualified arborist and found to be in very poor condition. There is significant deadwood, defoliated branches and very little growth, particularly around the lower part of the trees. It does little to enhance the streetscape or visual amenity of the park and while it does provide some visual screening and wind protection for park users and local residents, it has a limited useful life expectancy.

The shelterbelt will continue to decline and staff are recommending that it be removed. This creates an opportunity to enhance the park with improved visibility and better growing conditions for the mature trees already planted directly to the east.

There is extensive existing tree planting in place behind the shelter belt which will provide some screening and wind protection if the trees are removed. It is proposed that timber post and cable boundary bollards will be installed along the parks western boundary to link with the existing bollard fence further to the south.  Options on whether to replant a new shelterbelt or leave the boundary unplanted will be determined in the future, following feedback from the public and sports ground users.


We want to hear your views on the proposed shelterbelt removal. Once we have received feedback from residents and park users a report including feedback will be prepared by staff for consideration by the Rangiora–Ashley Community Board.

Please provide your feedback no later than 5pm, Friday 17 November 2017.