Ohoka Domain

Ohoka Domain has been a great community asset and is due to be upgraded. Tell us what you would like to see happen in Ohoka Domain.

What’s important to us?

There are many different users of the Domain. These range from the Ohoka Farmers Market to locals and people enjoying walking around the domain, picnicking or playing in the playground. Because of this diverse
range of users, it’s important that we hear from everyone.

Things to consider:

  • Planting within the reserve
  • The need for more or improved parking
  • Is the playground suitable for the needs of the community
  • Any other ideas which would improve the domain.

This process is focusing on the whole domain including the area that backs on to the Ohoka Bush. However the existing pavilion is not included as work has already been undertaken to identify work that needs to be
done to this building. Car-parking outside the domain during the Farmers Market has also been identified as an area for improvement which can be addressed as part of this feedback process.

The information collected will be reviewed and used to create a concept plan for the domain development. Should this plan be approved by the Oxford/Ohoka Community Board, it will be put before Council for
consideration of funding allocation from the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan.

Can’t make it?

If you can’t make it to come and talk to us, your ideas are still important. Simply write your ideas in the comments section and post it back (Freepost) or should you require more space, email your ideas to


Ohoka Domain Hall, 493 Mill Road, Ohoka.