Closed consultations

Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy  

The draft Walking and Cycling Strategy was developed using information we received from people who completed the Walking and Cycling survey early in 2016. The Council sought the communities views on the priorities and actions proposed in the strategy. The consultation period was open from 17 October until 7 November. 12 public submissions were received. Feedback will be provided in early 2017.

Woodend and Pegasus water supplies

The Council is considering joining the Woodend (including Tuahiwi) and Pegasus water supplies. This would entail joining the supplies together physically and financially and discontinuing chlorination of the Pegasus water supply. We sought feedback from residents on these water supply schemes and the feedback period is now closed.

Solid Waste Bylaw

The Council reviewed the Solid Waste Bylaw 2010 and wanted to get public feedback about how we proposed to ensure that waste does not cause a nuisance and that waste management services in the District are delivered in an effective and efficient way. Consultation was open from Thursday 7 July until Monday 8 August 2016. Two submissions were received.

Natural hazards management

Information relating to flood risk, location of fault lines, areas that are susceptible to liquefaction, and coastal erosion have been factored into draft proposed Plan Change 27 – Natural Hazards Management. Draft proposed Plan Change 27 reviews parts of the Waimakariri District Plan so that the impact of natural hazards on people, property and the environment can be assessed and managed. Draft proposed District Plan Change 27 is open for comment. Comments were open from 23 June 2016 to 1 July 2016.

The Oaks Walkway

The Council have received suggestions for how land at The Oaks Walkway might be used. The Oxford-Eyre Ward Advisory Board have discussed ideas including the possibility of building a dog park in this land. The Board asked for ideas from the community for this area. Comments were open from 26 May 2016 to 17 June 2016.

Class 4 gambling venue application - Five Stags Rangiora

Trust Aoraki applied to the Waimakariri District Council for a new Class 4 gambling venue at Five Stags Rangiora, 3/29 Huntingdon Drive, Rangiora. Submissions closed on 27 May 2016.

Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw 2016

Submissions on the second round of consultation on the proposed Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw 2016 were open from 9 April to 10 May 2016. Seventy submissions were received on the second round. This is down from the 226 submissions Council received when it consulted on the proposed bylaw in 2015. The majority of submitters were supportive of the proposed bylaw's focus on health and safety, and approved of the balance achieved between conflicting uses and conflicting environmental values and use. Satisfaction was also expressed about the effort the Council had made to develop the bylaw and the organisation's willingness to go out for another round of consultation.

Vehicle access was the most commented on issue this time around, followed closely by implementation and enforcement of the bylaw and then equestrian activities.

The Hearing Panel will be deciding on its response to the public submissions at a deliberations meeting to be held on Wednesday 15 June at 9.30 am in the Rangiora Service Centre Council Chambers. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Draft Annual Plan 2016/2017

We proposed changes to the Council's Long Term Plan work programme and budgets as detailed in the Draft Annual Plan 2016/2017 Consultation Document including:

  • Flood mitigation and protection
  • Drinking water standards and water supply
  • Development planning

Submissions were open from 12 March to 12 April 2016.

Baker Park

We wanted to know how you want to see the playground at Baker Park in Kaiapoi developed. Feedback was open from 11 March to 31 March 2016.

Kaiapoi Pa Road

There is a proposal to open and upgrade Kaiapoi Pa Road from Tiritiri Moana Drive, Pegasus, to Waikuku Beach Road. Feedback was open from 25 January to 19 February 2016.

Dudley Park skate park extension

We asked for your feedback on the draft Dudley Park skate park plan. Feedback was open from 29 January to 19 February 2016.

Walking and Cycling Strategy

We reviewed the Walking and Cycling Strategy and asked for your views on how we can make walking and cycling safer and more enjoyable, to encourage you to walk and cycle more often. Feedback was open from 22 October 2015 to 29 January 2016. 

Gladstone Park

We prepared a draft master plan for further development of Gladstone Park in Woodend. Feedback was open from 2 October to 30 October 2015. 

2015 Community Survey

One thousand Waimakariri households were selected to take part in the Council’s 2015 Community Survey. This survey considers issues of particular importance to our communities and the responses to the questionnaire assists the Council and other agencies to respond to community concerns. The results of this survey also contribute to the consideration of further provision of facilities and services for the district helping the Council to plan for and accommodate population growth in a way that recognises the lifestyle values of existing residents. This survey was open from 7 October to 30 November 2015.

Kaiapoi North School speed limit

The Council proposed putting in place a 40 kph variable speed limit along Williams Street, outside the Kaiapoi North School. Submissions were open from 30 September to 19 October 2015.

District Plan change 41

The Council is reviewing the District Plan's provisions for retail, commercial, business and industrial activities. Council prepared a background report on this and sought public comments from 16 May to 15 June 2015. This report, and comments received informed an issues and options report that set out proposed plan provision options to better manage retail activities should these be considered necessary. We asked for your feedback on the options for these zones. Comments on the options were open from 22 August to 18 September 2015.

Representation review

The Council sought views from the community about ward boundaries, the future of community boards and the number of wards and elected members. Submissions were open from 8 August to 14 September 2015.

Stockwater race users survey

Major changes have occurred in recent years in parts of the district served by the stockwater race system. The Council asked how landowners who have a stockwater race on or adjacent to their properties are using the stockwater supplied and their satisfaction with the service received. Submissions were open from 22 June to 17 August 2015.

Ohoka Utilities sewer scheme

The Council proposed extending the Eastern Districts Sewer Scheme rating area to include properties currently serviced by the Ohoka Utilities private sewer scheme, and to establish a loan rating area. Submissions were open from 13 July to 10 August 2015. The Hearing will be held on 18 August 2015.

Thongcaster Road and Browns Rock Road sealing

The Council proposed putting in place a targeted rate on properties in the Thongcaster Road/Browns Rock Road Rating Area to formalise the funding arrangement for the sealing of Thongcaster Road and Browns Rocks Rock, Oxford. Submissions were open from 8 July to 10 August 2015.

Elephant Park upgrade

Council staff sought feedback on the upgrade of Elephant Park. Feedback was open from 30 June to 17 July 2015.

Ellis Road speed Limit

The Council proposed putting in place a 30 km/h speed limit along the full length of Ellis Road. Submissions were open from 19 June to 10 July 2015.

Reserve management plans project

The Council prepared a draft reserve management plan for recreation and ecological linkage reserves. We wanted to know how you think recreation and ecological linkage reserves should be managed, what sort of activities and facilities are appropriate on the reserves, and what natural and cultural values are important. Submissions were open from 15 April to 22 May 2015.

SH 1 Woodend speed limit

The Council proposed reducing the speed limit from 265 m north-east of Pegasus Boulevard to 470 m south-west of Pegasus Boulevard from 100 kph to 70 kph, and reducing the speed limit from 470 m south-west of Pegasus Boulevard to just north-east of Chinnerys Road from 70 kph to 50 kph. Submissions were open from 22 April to 13 May 2015.

Draft Long Term Plan 2015-2025

Every three years the Council updates its Long Term Plan, outlining plans and budgets for all of its services, including any new proposals and the potential impact on rates. Submissions on the Draft Long Term Plan were open from 7 March to 7 April 2015. There was an extension for submissions on the drainage areas until 14 April 2015. The Long Term Plan 2015-2025 was adopted by Council on 16 June 2015.

Dudley Park artificial practice turf

The North Canterbury Sport and Recreation Trust and the Rangiora Hockey Club wish to install an artificial turf for hockey at Dudley Park. Feedback on this proposal was open from 4 March to 20 March 2015. The artificial turf was officially opened on 31 August 2015.

Waikuku Beach Road speed limits

The Council is proposing to put in place an 80 km/h speed limit along the full length of Waikuku Beach Road connecting into the 50 km/h area at Waikuku Beach. Submissions were open from 18 February to 13 March 2015. At the Council's 7 April 2015 meeting, Councillors resolved to change the speed limit to 80 kph.

Proposed Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw 2015

The Council proposed a number of changes to the existing Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw. The changes are designed to manage a balance between the recreational use of the beaches and any environmental impacts that may incur. Submissions on the proposed bylaw were open from 7 February to 11 March 2015. The Council received 221 submissions to the draft bylaw and, after considering the views of submitters, decided to release a new proposal for public consultation in late 2015. The new Bylaw has now been adopted and became operative in August 2016.

Proposed plan change 40 - parking

The Council proposed changes to the District Plan to review parking. Some of the proposed changes included: greater attention to the design and location of car parking areas, including efficiency, safety, pedestrian accessibility and landscaping; centralised parking instead of on-site parking in identified parts of Kaiapoi and Rangiora town centres; new rules for car and cycle parking, loading, and parking minimums and maximums; and better links for mobility parking. Submissions on plan change 40 were open from 21 November 2014 to 5 February 2015.

Proposed Wastewater Bylaw 2015

The Wastewater Bylaw 2015 ensures the Council can meet its obligations to prevent damage to the public wastewater infrastructure and protect the health and safety of Council staff and the general public. This review updates the Wastewater Bylaw 2009 which is required to be reviewed after five years. Submissions on the proposed bylaw were open from 22 November 2014 to 9 February 2015.